3D Benefits

3D paving benefits
benefits of 3D paving

One of the historical costs of paving has been the labor and material expenses to stake out the jobsite with pins and stringlines. This is an estimated expense of $1 per linear foot. If you begin utilizing Leica’s 3D stringless paving, you can eliminate the pins, string, and most of the labor associated with setting them. Is it a good investment? Take a look at a real paving example below:

  • Existing Job – Paving an 11-mile, 4-lane divided highway. This means you are paving 22 miles and setting 6 stringline set-ups with ramps.
  • Setting stringline for a total of 696,960 linear feet.
  • Estimated cost per linear foot for stringline is $1.00.
  • Total estimated cost for setting stringline for ONE job is nearly $700,000.

For the cost of setting the stringline for one project, you can easily purchase, have installed and be trained on two mainline paving systems and have money left over. You will also be able to continually reuse the systems, reducing costs for future jobs.

There are also additional benefits to going stringless that should be considered that can positively impact your financials:

  • Increase jobsite safety
  • Improve project logistics
  • Reduce time to complete the job
  • Potentially a better ride quality
  • Potential to obtain a higher percent of smooth-ride bonus
  • Reduce material waste

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