Pavement Milling Stringless Controls

3-D pavement milling

A stringless system can work on any milling equipment model and year.

Contact Flores Automation and Machine Control

Flores Automation and Machine Control (FAMC) can help alleviate the stress and the added expenses of pre-surveying. Our expert team includes road construction industry veterans who will train your team on how to implement and utilize the Leica 3D system for milling. From importing the model to milling with your team, the FAMC team will be there to ensure you fully utilize your equipment to maximize your return.

Milling Machine Product Package:

  • 1 iCON Pave MCP80
  • 1 iCON Pave Software
  • 1 MCD10/20/30
  • 1 Total station, extras for leapfrogging
  • 1 Dual axis slope-sensors
  • 1 Machine prism

Contact us for more information on Leica 3D Systems for milling work. Call 262-682-4229, or use our Quick Contact Form

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