Flores Automation and Machine Control – U.S. Installer, Trainer and Distributor of Leica Geosystems 3D Paving Systems

Leica Geosystems authorized dealerFAMC is the only nationwide, U.S. distributor of Leica Geosystems for the paving and road construction industry. Founded in 2013 as a division of Flores Automation, the company distinguishes itself by its deep knowledge of the paving and surveying world.

We are based in metropolitan Milwaukee and serve pavers and road contractors throughout the United States.

About Flores Automation and Machine Control

Flores Automation owner Frank Flores started the Machine Control division while providing services for several slipform paving OEMs. He noted the sector was moving toward 3D stringless paving and thus formed Flores Automation and Machine Control in partnership with Leica Geosystems.

From the beginning, the Flores Automation and Machine Control team have included people with real-world paving and surveying experience. That expertise has allowed us to clearly define the benefits of stringless paving, including time savings and site safety enhancements.

Brand Statement — Flores Automation & Machine Control distributes, installs and supports stringless equipment for construction machinery proven to increase production, improve quality, reduce stress and help grow your bottom line. We do this by only supporting top-tier and proven components while implementing the very best training and support structure based on our many years of experience and expertise.

Mission Statement — Flores Automation and Machine Control continuously leverages our knowledge and capabilities as one of the premier stringless distributors in the United States to become the most in-demand partner for 3D control systems for construction machinery in the ever-expanding market.

The Four Cornerstones of Our Commitment to Our Customers

FAMC continues to grow based on our four cornerstones:

  • Service – From the time we initially work with your team to ensure they understand the fundamentals of every aspect of 3D stringless paving, actually paving with your crew, to follow-up support, our service to you is always at the forefront of what we do. We work harder to ensure your complete satisfaction from the initial conversation to final paving on your own, to service in the months and years after installation.
  • Collaboration – We are not just going to sell you a system and leave. We are not here just for the sale. We are here to work with you every step of the way. We want you to maximize the benefits of 3D stringless paving, so you can create a safer work site, decrease material usage, increase ride smoothness and save some money.
  • Value – Our business structure and processes allow us to provide true value to your organization. From providing the necessary information about key benefits to proper installation to training and service. Everything we do is done to help you achieve your paving and financial goals.
  • Ethics – We do business the right way. Our quotes are easy to read and our terms are easy to understand. There are no hidden fees or penalties. We believe in being transparent with our customers and maintaining strict professionalism with all the relationships we create.

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