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AP20 AutoPole

Works in Any Position

The AP20 Autopole is an easy-to-use, smart solution that saves time spent on the jobsite and reduces post-processing corrections in the office with three very powerful smart features that will transform the way you work.

You work in a dynamic and variable jobsite. The AutoPole makes it easier to navigate challenges by allowing:

  • Measurements with a tilted pole
  • Providing automatic height readings
  • Enabling target search and locking.

You can easily overcome on-site obstacles by adjusting the height and tilting the pole to reach a hidden point, quickly re-establish line of sight and relock to your robotic total station, even when multiple prisms are in-use. The AP20 AutoPole, provides continuous use and allows you to complete your tasks with fewer mistakes, higher reliability and productivity, and minimize rework and delays.

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