Training, Installation and Support of Leica 3D Geosystems Products

Service is our No. 1 focus at Flores Automation and Machine Control. We do not merely sell Leica 3D Geosystems equipment for road construction and paving work, we also install and train you on it. We take great care to assist your field personnel so they can confidently operate the 3D control system you have invested in.

It doesn’t matter if you are new to Flores Automation and Machine Control or merely in need of a refresher, we will provide the necessary tools and training so you can get the greatest return on your investment.

We offer both classroom style, instructional hands-on training, and on-machine training. We also offer assistance with the model creation and reading. We want your team to be successful. The sooner you are correctly using the control system, the quicker you achieve your road construction and financial results.

See our lineup of services related to Leica 3D products below. If you don’t see what you need or want more information, call our headquarters in the metro Milwaukee area at 262-682-4229.

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Classroom Training

It all begins here in the classroom. Whether it is onsite or virtually, we will walk your team through the basics of each piece of equipment. All of our technicians have years of experience either working on paving, milling or surveying equipment using 3D stringless technology.

Our technicians will talk about the features and benefits of going stringless and explain how it will benefit them. They will instruct your team on the inner workings of how best to utilize the equipment and things to watch for. Because our technicians all come from the field, they will teach your team in terms and use examples that they will readily be able to understand and empathize with.

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Field Training

Learning about the 3D control system in a classroom style setting will give your team the initial introduction to the system, but we find it beneficial to append classroom teaching with field training. We will work with your team, on your equipment to show them how all the pieces fit together. Your team will be able to use the Leica equipment and try to work the different functions. Our technician will first teach, then work with and oversee your team on the equipment. Additionally, if time and resources permit, you and your team will have the opportunity to pave or mill using the Leica gear.

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Once the decision is made to invest in 3D machine control for road construction and paving, we will set up a time for installation. Our technicians will come to either your shop or jobsite to install all components and run diagnostics to ensure the machine is running properly. That includes mounting sensors, installing and hooking up all wiring and control components. They will then begin dry-running and validating the system. Once it is ready to go, they will go through test paving or move into full paving.

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Site Modeling: Training and Assistance

To be able to utilize and receive the benefit of the 3D machine control system, you will need a model loaded to the control unit or your road construction or paving equipment. That is what the control unit is monitoring and making adjusting to.

Regardless of the system you are currently utilizing, we can help you create the profiles, in the proper format for fast and easy loading.

If you are still new or would like a refresher on working with models, we can provide the training. Our service technicians are experts in the survey and road construction field. They have worked with 3D machine control in both user and technician sides. They know the typical areas that need to be addressed and will work with your team so they are comfortable with modeling.

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