Curb and Gutter Stringless Controls

curb and gutter stringless controls
Leica controls for curb and gutter work

A stringless system can work on any curb and gutter equipment model and year.

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For efficient and safe installation of curbs and gutters, rely on Leica Geosystems products from Flores Automation and Machine Control (FAMC).

Leica’s solution paves to a 3D model instead of relying on the string line for guidance. By eliminating the string, you improve jobsite safety and trucking logistics and reduce project timeline. This also allows for tight radiuses that are smooth and natural looking, and the ability to quickly start up and begin laying concrete.

The Leica 3D system also controls the slope, grade, and direction of the paver. Once the model is loaded to the Leica MCP80 onboard controller, all you need is the concrete to begin installing curbs and/or gutters.

FAMC sales and service technicians have paving and surveying experience so you can be confident our recommendations will be right for your company, and that our training will be on target and thorough. Our experts will come to your jobsite or shop to install all the necessary components. They can provide both classroom and jobsite training. They will ensure your team is completely comfortable using the Leica 3D paving solution so you can begin to utilize this money-saving technology.

Curb and Gutter Product Package:

  • 1 iCON Pave MCP80
  • 1 iCON Pave Software
  • 1 MCD10/20/30
  • 1 Total station, 1 extra for leapfrogging
  • 1 Dual axis slope sensor
  • 1 Machine prism

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