Robotic Screed Machine Control

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robotic concrete screed at job site
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A stringless system can work on any concrete robotic screed regardless of model and year.

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Robotic screeds are a necessity when doing large pours that can be installed in a shorter period of time when compared to alternative methods. They can provide a good level and flat surface within 1/8″ of accuracy. However, you may need your surface to more accurate and may involve various pitches to the slab that will cause delays with resetting.

We have developed and deployed a system that allows you to take the precise accuracy and flexibility of the Leica Geosystems machine control from the mainline pavers to robotic screeds with less equipment. With this system, you will control slope and elevation while paving to the programmed model. This allows for the precise angles and grades your layout may have. Your operator will need to only move the machine and the boom.

The FAMC team includes road construction industry veterans who will train your team on how to implement and utilize the Leica system for your screed. From importing the model to paving with you, the FAMC team will be there to ensure you fully utilize your equipment to maximize your return.

The Robotic Screed Product Package:

  • 1 iCON MCP80
  • 1 iCON Pave Software
  • 1 CC80 Tablet
  • 1 Robotic Screed System
  • 1 iCR80 Total Station
  • 1 Prism
  • 1 Ultra Sonic Sensor

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